JAZZ SPECTRUM vocal quartet +
This is an energetic, jazz influenced vocal quartet backed by 4 swinging musicians.  From lush
ballads to hip renditions of big band music...from good-time 50's R & R and Doo Wop to
lightening fast vocalese lyrics, Jazz Spectrum lays down a dazzling performance of rich
harmonies and tight ensemble work.

They salute their predecessors with updated versions of hits made famous by the fabulous
vocal groups of the 40's like The Modernairs, King Sisters and Pied Pipers plus those 50's
groups like The Four Freshmen and Four Aces as well as The Manhattan Transfer.  Lambert,
Hendricks and Ross of the late 50's is also a favorite.

All arrangements are written be Bob Zaun, leader, including his vocalese lyrics in the style of
Jon Hendricks, the poet laureate of jazz!
                                                                                                    WHAT'S NEW?
Steve Smith replaces Tim Laud singing Jazz Spectrum's fourth part....For the past 10 years, Tim has anchored our vocal
harmonies with his rich bass voice.    Last February, 2014,  he announced that this was to be his last year.  Immediately we
began searching and auditioning.   After 7 frustrating months we finally put a notice on Facebook.  Steve Smith responded.   A
day later he was auditioned.   It  took but one number to know we found our man!   Much like Tim, he has a  strong voice,  is an
exceptional reader, and, aside from singing, like Tim, he is an expert in computer and audio technology.   And we know Steve!  
Some 25 years ago when he and Stacy were teenagers, they, along with Dan singing tenor and Bob playing bass and piano,
performed with Jerry Traxler's Choral Dynamics.  It was like a reunion!  Over the years, Steve performed with other vocal
ensembles including City Lights.   While we surely will miss Tim and his 10 years of dedication, he'll be the first to say that he is
proud to pass his bass baton to Steve Smith, confident that he'll continue to enhance all those low tones of Jazz Spectrum's
intricate harmonies.

Jan Salvadorini replaces Peggy Coniff as lead singer...After 20 years of being Jazz Spectrum's original lead singer, and
hundreds of outstanding performances and countless weekly rehearsals, Peggy has decided to move to Georgia.  Her last
performance was July 20, 2014 at Kracklauer Park in Mundelein.   It was a fitting site, since Jazz Spectrum's first performance
was a Kracklauer concert in 1994!  We will all miss Peggy's outstanding solo voice and on stage enthusiasm.  We were so
fortunate to have found someone to step into Peggy's shoes because they are very big shoes.  Singing lead in a quartet carries
heavy responsibilities and we're confident that Jan Salvadorini fits the bill.  Jan is a vocal major from the University of Illinois
and has had much experience with ensemble singing and musical theater.  Thanks to Peggy for working with Jan on the
nuances of our arrangements.  

Steve Smith designs Jazz Spectrum FaceBook page...check out our new page on FaceBook.  Steve designed it and has posted a
number of videos.

Ryan Eifert, Guest Artist... schedule permitting,  Bob's grandson and Stacy and John's son, Ryan  often joins Jazz Spectrum for
a few numbers.    Ryan's main instrument is tenor saxophone but he also plays alto sax, vibes, drums and piano.  He has been
"sitting in" with Jazz Spectrum since he was 13.   During the summers of 2010 & 2011, he  studied at Birch Creek Jazz Camp in
Egg Harbor, WI, an audition only camp. He was one of the youngest ever to attend.  During his senior year in high school Ryan
played lead tenor sax with the Midwest Young Artists, lead alto sax in the Mundelein High School Jazz Ensemble and 1st tenor
sax in Mundelein's Honors Wind Ensemble.   In addition he played piano for Mundelein's award winning swing choir.   Larry
Boisen was his music teacher since 4th grade.  In 2013, his  blues band, "Wells and VanBuren"  was featured on Channels 9
and 5.   September, 2014, Ryan entered the University of Illinois as an Honors Business Major and played tenor in the jazz band

Paige Eifert, Guest Artist...made her professional debut June 27, 2013 with Jazz Spectrum in concert at the Memorial Park
Bandshell, Menominee Michigan.   She is Stacy and John's daughter.   Paige sat in on trumpet for a few numbers and was
featured on the lovely ballad,  "But Beautiful. "  See photo at left.  She was only 14 years old and had just graduated from
Fremont Middle School.  Prior to graduation she auditioned for placement in the Mundelein HS band program.   Somewhat
unprecedented, she was placed in Mundelein's award winning, Jazz Ensemble  and their elite Honors Wind Ensemble.  Rarely
does a freshman achieve such status.  Her proud trumpet teacher is Dennis Sullivan.  
Last year, as a Junior, she's played Lead
Trumpet  in the Honors Wind Ensemble and the
award winning Jazz Ensemble.  In addition, she was one of 7 trumpets in the
Illinois All State Orchestra.

azz Spectrum Now On YouTube...thanks to "Media Mike" Goba, 25 songs have been posted on YouTube.  Mike video taped the
group during  a performance in Bartlett, IL and graciously shared his work with the internet world.  He also taped a Holiday set,  
performed  in December, 2009 which he has posted.

SPOTIFY has all three of Jazz Spectrum's CD's available for listening....FREE!

Fremont Intermediate School Jazz Band....( 5th graders!) under the direction of Lisa Bordelon. They performed Bob Zaun's
arrangement of Melba's Blues in concert, May 15, 2012.  In 2010 they performed his original composition, Blues For Two.  
Fremont School in Mundelein, IL has a fabulous band program under the direction of Brent Burger.  About 500 band students
from 4th thru 8th grade populate 4 concert bands and 4 jazz bands!  Bob has also arranged for the Intermediate School Mixed
Chorus under the direction of Dana Harvey and the Freemont Middle School chorus under the direction of Emily Petway.

Mundelein High School's award winning JAZZ ENSEMBLE...performed Bob's big band arrangement of  But Beautiful on April,
12, 2014 at their Evening of Jazz and again at their summer outdoor concert in Mundelein.

Chicago A cappella. a 10 voice internationally traveled ensemble...asked Bob to do an arrangement of a Basie tune for their
tribute to Basie & Ellington.  He rearranged his Jazz Spectrum chart of "It's Sand, Man" to include vocal percussion parts.  It
was performed in concert May 15, 2014.

Studied With Michele Weir...Bob Zaun  has studied vocal arranging with internationally respected jazz educator,  arranger,
vocalist, Michele Weir.  Michele recently completed the vocal production of Manhattan Transfer's latest CD, The Chick Corea
Songbook.  She also arranged "500 Miles High" for the album.  See her website at: www.micheleweir.com

Studying With Chris Madsen....Bob is currently studying big band arranging with Chris Madsen,  jazz faculty, University of
Illinois, Chicago campus.  See his website: http://chrismadsen.net/

Jazz Spectrum finalist in Song Contest...Larry Boisen & Bob wrote" It's Cub's TIme."   Jazz Spectrum recorded it and it was
submitted to the Chicago Tribune's New Cub's Song Contest.  It was chosen in the top of 16 out of over 30 entries and featured
on WGN radio.   

Mundelein HS's Jazz Ensemble performed Bob's arrangement of My One And Only Love at their Evening of Jazz, 2015 and again at
their concert in Lacklauer Park.  
The Jazz Orchestra performed Bob's composition of Walt's Wail also at the Evening of Jazz.

2016..MHS Evening of Jazz....the freshman, Jazz Lab Band performed Bob's composition of Blues for Two and the Jazz  Orchestra
performed his arrangement of Flyin' Home.  Again, as last year, they named a soft drink in his honor, "The Bob Zaun,"
Jazz Spectrum



Bob Zaun
Bill Zielinski
John Eifert
Larry Boisen
saxes, flute, harmonica
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                                                          A SIX MINUTE SAMPLE

Fiesta In Blue - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3Taf2ptFSu5V0Z5UTJWZkZlQTg/view?usp=sharing
Four - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3Taf2ptFSu5dzNQS2h6bmxqVnM/view?usp=sharing
Going To Chicago - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3Taf2ptFSu5R0VZZlN2NHA2Nzg/view?