JAN SALVADORINI, soprano... While attending Buffalo Grove HS and the University of Illinois, Jan was very active in musical
theater, often performing in rep-oratory theater, trading lines with professional equity performers.  After graduating from U of I, she
spent 5 years singing full time with Diversion, a trio working 5 nights a week in clubs in and around Chicago .  She is married with  
three adult boys. After spending 20 years as a dental assistant,  Jan obtained the job of Clinic Coordinator of the Dental Hygiene
Department at the College of Lake County.  She is "new"  to the group as of May 2014,  taking the place of Peggy Coniff, one of the
original Jazz Spectrum singers from 1994.  Peggy's departure opens the door for the performing opportunity of a lifetime...Jazz
Spectrum's lead singer!  According to Jan, this gig just surpassed her previous performing highlight when, as a high school senior,
she sang solo, The Star Spangled Banner on National TV, home plate, Wrigley Field,  June 5,1981, Cubs VS. Dodgers.  Cubs lost,
but no fault of Jan's!

STACY EIFERT, alto...Not only a fine singer, Stacy is a talented percussionist as evidenced by her drum solo on her father's ivory
piano keys at age two.  After that auspicious beginning, as a Freshman, she was the first female  to play snare drum in the Marching
Illini, becoming co-leader of the drumline her senior year.  No small feat since the drum and harness was more than 20% of her
body weight!  Although a business major, she auditioned for and was selected as a percussionist for the elite U of I Symphonic
Orchestra.  She is married to John, Jazz Spectrum's drummer, also the leader of the Illini drumline his senior year and a
percussionist in the Symphonic Orchestra.  They have two children, both talented musicians.  After spending 6 years in the
business community and 8 years as a stay-at-home mom, Stacy went back to school and completed her Master's Degree in
Education and is teaching 4th grade at Fremont School, the same grade school she attended.  She's also Bob Zaun's daughter.  
Stacy acts as our on-stage leader and our vocal rhythm guru, thanks to her experience as a top line percussionist.

DAN MAHER, tenor...He began organized singing at age 10.  Fortunately for us, his singing voice never really changed.  He can
hit those high notes, so critical in creating the wide rich sound associated with Jazz Spectrum.  Dan is an electrical engineer at
Underwriters Laboratories.  Dan and his wife have a daughter with a degree in education and a married son who completed a tour
in Kuwait while in the US Navy.  Recently,  Dan and his wife were blessed with their second grandson.  In 2005, their youngest son,
a US Marine, lost his life in Iraq.  We all still share their grief! In 1994,  Dan was singing 1st Tenor with Choral Dynamics, a local
community choir, for which Bob played bass.  Bob asked him to join the newly formed group, Jazz Spectrum without an audition.  He
was just that good!  He hasn't changed, he's only gotten better with time. That's what weekly rehearsals will do!   

STEVE SMITH, bass..it took seven months of auditioning to find a replacement for Tim Laud and Steve was right there all the
time.  It took a posting by Bob on Facebook to find him.  As a teenager Steve joined Choral Dynamics, joining his Mom, a featured
soloist in the group.  Bob often accompanied her on piano and, thus, knew Steve....but that was some 25 years ago. Steve saw the
post,  contacted Bob and set up an audition.   He  sang one song and the group welcomed him in.  That was early  September,
2014.   Steve was a lead singer in Mundelein High School musicals and spent 10 years singing with the vocal jazz group, City
Lights.  He is married with two adult sons, both who share his passion for music.    Steve is self employed, providing IT services for
small companies.  A recent quote,  " I am thankful for the opportunity to join such a talented group of musicians and can’t wait to
bring the house down!"  And he already has!!
Jazz Spectrum